Loved EP

by unsaid.

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released October 18, 2013



all rights reserved


unsaid. Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Melodic Hardcore from Germany, Montabaur since 2012

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Track Name: Loved
Track Name: Hometown Streets
As rain falls on my hometown streets
I ran away because all my sins
Are in this city of death and i'm all alone
In this city of death is no burning sun

And i've seen your ghost there
I've seen you walking towards me
Dried red lips and soaked tears
You always knew what i wanted to hear

Those nightmares
Through i have gone
All these hometown streets
I've walked alone
All these memories
I will keep in me
All i want from you
Is to remember me

I've got to let you go
But this pain in my heart will follow
Once running through the cold
But now your love is sold
And where we stood together
There will be an empty shelter
Remains hollow forever
Track Name: Weightless Soul
Cold wind broke through the gaps of our love tear us apart but we'll never depart and from the bottom of your heart i’ve got the strenght to set my sails on. Unclench my fists to feel again i close my eyes forever dream i'm damned under the grey sky but the sunlight in your eyes showed me a way to keep up

And at night when I close my eyes
I remember the times when we used to laugh we used to cry no matter the weather we’d stood forever on this endless road (Homeward)

This road lead our lives in one

Oh weightless soul, take me home
Lead me back to the place which I used to know
To my hometown streets where I felt in love with the softness of her heart, with those eyes like the moonlight
Loves shattered pride

And when the wind change and she fades with the dust
You’ll see a portrait of what you’ve lost of what i've lost

Of what i've loved
Track Name: Old Man Dies
Do you remember the time we never spent together
Because i know it have been years but i, i sincerely do
And while changed our ways took different roads
You’ve said I’ll stay forever in your heart

In a room alone he set the burning sun
Wrote a letter for me with words
Dear son, happiness is the key to life
But dad honestly, there is no hope for me no place for me

I never thought I could hate that much
But now this love, this love tear us apart

And after all these years, after all these tears
Where do you go when the life you live
Is not the life you love
Track Name: Young Man Rises
What do you see man, what do you see
What are you thinking when you’re looking at me
I’m not that fucked up kid as I used to be
Not that scared little boy crying on hometown streets

Is this what you’re thinking
If this is what you see
Then open your eyes dad
You’re not looking at me

I am a grown man as I used to be
Living in a city of death my own reality
Don’t look away old men, see this is what you can’t be
Take a closer look don’t fear to see me

I poured my heart out in this
Not for you just for me
But still I love you old man
Just however you’ve been

But now I’ve learned
How to forgive how to forget
And how to love life over again
Track Name: Flowers And Rain
Feathers painted the paper black
Left scars on the back of my head
These loveletters still remain
Only flowers and rain

My hands are rough my eyes are sore
Every night spent at your door
But the one you love I'll never be
You've had the best of me

I feel less the more I drift away
Day by day I'm digging my own grave

These walls never felt so cold
Wooden floors always be my home
Cold winter night you will always see
You've had the best of me, the best of me

Real eyes recognize real lies
I've been, I've been deceived