by unsaid.

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released June 26, 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered by 143 Production



all rights reserved


unsaid. Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Melodic Hardcore from Germany, Montabaur since 2012

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Track Name: Forevermore
now i have felt the weight of this world came crushing down on me
so unexpected like the first snow
i know we've drown but we survived
somehow i missed you by my side
but now i know why storms carry human names
beyond the walls beyond the bridges we have burned i've build this world without your love
i took my time forgot the pain
my love still screaming out your name
i know i've got to let it go
Track Name: Burst Into Bloom
waste away
walking all these hometown streets again
with no one by my side
all these deamons on my mind
trying to figure out if this is love
if this is something i can hold on
oh how i wish you were here
because when you close your eyes you see me dying in my dreams wispering that hell will be a better place for me

and all the time i knew
that this love never burst into bloom
last kiss goodnight my love
your eyes will close forevermore

dead end streets let me in
swallow me take everything
my mothers eyes won't shed a tear
i am embarrassed
i am ashamed
i'll leave this world the same way i came in
alone and with nothing
Track Name: Stay
stare at you across the room
all alone you wait for him
listening to all his songs
wait for him to come home

wait i want to be yours
stay theres no place to go

waiting for the sun to rise
see the ships come home in time
cold hands wrapped around your hips
no attention to your lips

but he's home
no smile on your face
because you know
what he has seen these days
Track Name: Down We Go Together
you held my hand as we walked down the church street
my mind free from every heavy thought
i wish we'd never made it home
oh how i wish we'd never made it home
spring blossomed and our lips collide
i wore my dads hat and you your mothers oldest necklace
it looked so perfect on you
it looked so perfect on your neck
a rush goodbye and the trains are coming
we stood alone at the edge of the world
and come what may i never left you alone
and come what may i always follow you home
i always follow you home

do you think about me
or did you ever dreamed about us kissing in the rain
like we used to

did the good times past
is there nothing left
i thought this could be more than just a memorie
more than what love could be

beneath the shattered whispers
we shared our skin in a basement with love
my lonely rose, my wilting rose
do you remember the place where we used to belong

the place where we used to be

you held my hand as we walked down the church street
my mind free from every heavy thought
Track Name: If You Leave
if you leave i'll be the lonely one
you are the place where i felt at home
every place with you
felt like my own

i'm shaking from the cold while you feel loved
your sheets won't comfort me
just tell me that this love will last forever
and while your roses welt i drown in sea
your going down with me

just tell me that this love will last forever
we're going down together
together down

you know it best
pain demands to be felt
but hope dies last
i'll wait for you to say my name again

i'll wait for you
i'll hold on you
until we meet in hell
Track Name: Farewell
i missed my eyes to see the rain
as you asked me to stay
i missed my eyes to see the rain
but no this time
this is farewell

they called me sick
i tried to run
the ways i took
have made me numb

we we're dying towards the end
but closing with the brightest song of our favourite record

don't believe in me i do not exist
let me promise you i'll be the one you miss